CHALK Preschool
Happy Kids Raising Hands at a Preschool


The CHALK preschool program is designed to spark a love for learning. We encourage each child to explore their interest and express themselves, while also instilling a positive appreciation for a structured school setting.

What we Offer

  • FLEXIBILE scheduling options (Based on Availability)* Please click through the menu at the top to see more specifics for the school you'd like your child to attend!
  • Year-round, open enrollment, no interview process, and no additional fees
  • Same age classrooms for children ages 2-6 years
  • Children do NOT have to be toilet trained to attend
  • Establish home/school continuity (toilet training)
  • Developmentally and age-appropriate materials and equipment
  • Teacher-led and child-centered learning activities
  • Effective family/teacher communication
  • Evaluations based on state standards and annual parent-teacher conferences
  • Teachers and staff all have degrees in Early Childhood or a related field
  • Faculty that receive continuing education and training to promote ongoing professional development

How we spend our days...

Drop Off & Free Play

Table activities, dress-up, blocks, art, library

Circle Time

Good morning song, calendar, weather, story/theme of the week activity, foreign language


Fruit, vegetables, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, cheese

Center Time

Stations providing activities in art, math/science, language arts, fine/gross motor, sensory table

Closing Circle/Music

Songs and musical instruments, what we did today discussion... "that's a wrap"

Free Play/Pick-up

Free play-dramatic play, manipulatives, puzzles